Hardwood flooring is timeless and always in style. Hardwood is a natural product, durable and long lasting. It will increase the value of your home, while adding rustic elegance and charm.



Perfect for an active household and anyone seeking a functional and attractive floor that is easy to maintain. Our vinyl collection has every pattern, color or texture you are possibly looking for.



Friesen Floor and Decor carries a wide and diverse selection of carpet. From berbers, cuts, patterned loops, twists, silks, to the most advanced in durable technology. Enrich your home with a luxurious soft surface.

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Tile & Stone

Tile and stone flooring can be installed in a variety of environments and conditions. Whether that be a high temperature area like a fire place, an area subject to water; such as kitchens and bathrooms or outdoors for patios, wall tile, etc. It is a versatile product that holds a touch of natural beauty.